OptiFunder Integration with Byte Brings Warehouse Management Automation to Mortgage Bankers

June 6, 2022

Post-closing process innovation continues to gain steam as OptiFunder® expands its presence with a new integration into the BytePro Enterprise platform, by Byte Software . The OptiFunder integration allows mutual customers on the BytePro platform to optimize warehouse utilization and automate related administrative tasks, further reducing their origination costs.

OptiFunder, which was started by lenders to bring innovation and efficiencies to post-close transactions, has expanded to be a conduit for connected, intelligent and automated transactions between originators, warehouse lenders and investors. Its growing suite of sophisticated solutions include OptiFunder Select®, a decision engine which uses AI and machine learning to analyze and factor the complex rate, term, capacity, fees and time to sale timelines to select the best warehouse line for loans at all stages in the pipeline. OptiFunder Connect® provides connectivity to warehouse lenders allowing originators to create and send funding requests for one loan or hundreds in a single click in seconds. And OptiFunder automates processing and updates for wire confirmations, trial balance reports and Purchase Advice reconciliation. Additionally, the integration makes it easier for warehouse lenders to transact business with their BytePro customers by removing the friction that makes it difficult for mortgage bankers to send loans to their warehouse partners.

The BytePro LOS platform delivers powerful, multi-channel workflow solutions that give mortgage lenders freedom to do business the way they want. The integration with OptiFunder illustrates how Byte’s robust API allows customers to leverage best-in-class service providers according to Mark Todd, National Sales Manager for Byte Software. “At Byte, we’re constantly exploring new technologies that will give our customers a competitive edge, whether developed in house or through integrated third parties. We’re excited to have OptiFunder as yet another lever Byte customers can pull to provide scale to their operations.”

Brian Abbott, OptiFunder COO, concurs adding, “This connection makes it even easier for mortgage bankers to access technology solutions that connect the primary and secondary markets to maximize efficiency and lower net origination costs in advance of projected 2021 market changes. Like Byte Software, OptiFunder is driven to provide solutions that are simple to use and administrate. Our integration allows us to accelerate implementation for customers using the BytePro platform. In addition to offering accessible innovation, our companies share a focus on responsive customer service and risk reduction.”

Streamlined End-to-End Process for Scalability and Growth

Both Byte Software and OptiFunder offer lenders scalability and capacity for growth by creating end-to-end operational efficiency. Byte Software is a leader in origination workflow management while OptiFunder brings innovation to post-close processes.

Reduced Operational Risk  

BytePro offers robust native compliance tools, reporting, and configurable workflow controls to consistently deliver high-quality loans; OptiFunder’s process automation and reconciliation solutions replace manual input and calculations, virtually eliminating human error.

Implementation and Support

Both solutions offer customers an intuitive user experience that is simple to use and administrate. Byte Software offers comprehensive implementation plans and professional services in addition to US-based technical support. OptiFunder is dedicated to one-on-one, timely support including same-day warehouse line terms updates. 

Customizable Solutions

The BytePro platform can easily be configured to fit a lender’s individual needs including custom fields, screens, and documents, as well as custom validation rules and macro-based automation.  OptiFunder customizes the decision engine with the originator’s warehouse lenders’ terms and provides customizable, detailed business insights via robust analytics available on the dashboard.

About OptiFunder

OptiFunder is a fully integrated and automated Warehouse Management System for mortgage originators. OptiFunder developed a patented optimization algorithm to optimize where originators fund every loan to achieve the best financial performance. Additionally, OptiFunder automates the submission of data and documents to the warehouse lender and automates processing of wire confirmations, trial balance reports and Purchase Advice reconciliation, providing a fully-integrated solution for the mortgage origination process from funding through settlement and sale to the secondary markets. Visit www.OptiFunder.com to learn more or request a demo.

About Byte Software

For over 35 years, Byte Software has delivered powerful, multi-channel LOS solutions that give mortgage lenders full control over their loan process, while remaining delightfully simple to use and administrate.  The BytePro platform is trusted by over 1000 mortgage bankers, credit unions, banks, and brokers to efficiently originate and deliver high-quality loans in their retail, wholesale, and correspondent lending channels. Visit www.bytesoftware.com to learn more or request a demo.

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