Let's face it, we're all control freaks at heart.

When you’re only as good as your last loan, being a bit of a control freak is a good thing. 

Byte helps you deliver a consistent loan experience with total process control, so you can maximize efficiency and make it look easy. 


You’re not like every other lender and we love that about you.

Whether you’re a COO managing thousands of users or an entrepreneur starting with nothing but an uncompromising vision for your business, Byte provides a superior level of customization that allows you to work the way you want.

Byte customers love the freedom they have to design and manage customized workflows in-house, using our macro-based automation and validation rules. Our robust administrator controls and intuitive UI provides countless ways to personalize your LOS to fit your specific needs. 

Craftsman-inspired technology

Craftsman-inspired design reflects a dedication to the smallest details, a passion for solving problems with efficiency, and a sense of pride in one’s work.

Like you, we have an uncompromising expectation of quality. We’re always looking for ways to turn complex mortgage challenges into simple, efficient solutions. Our robust compliance tools are a great example of our craftsman-inspired development in action.

Easy to use and administrate

Byte gives mortgage lenders the best of both worlds. A powerful, enterprise-class LOS with an intuitive interface, that doesn’t require an army or small fortune to administrate. Byte clients love having the freedom to customize their LOS on the fly to fit their ever-changing workflow needs. 

If you need additional assistance, Byte’s US-based technical support and professional services teams are happy to help. Byte clients can also utilize the vast resources available 24/7 in the Byte Community. 

Consumer Portal

Offer retail borrowers a mobile-friendly digital mortgage experience with no integration required. Data and docs flow securely to your back office in real-time.

Multi-User Editing

Byte seamlessly combines the efficiency of multi-user editing with advanced process controls to maintain loan integrity and quality.

Byte Web Portal

Everything you need for your TPO customers to upload applications, pull credit, run AUS, facilitate loan locks, and manage documents.


Byte fits who you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Specifically designed to be both powerful and flexible, Byte’s advanced configuration options grow with you. Our robust organization hierarchy easily expands to accommodate increases in users, origination channels, or volume while maintaining complete control over data access, workflow, and reporting. 

Enjoy freedom from long-term contracts with user-based pricing.

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Do business the way you want.

Find your freedom with Byte.

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