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From sophisticated process controls to advanced data governance, Byte helps compliance teams manage regulatory requirements with ease.


Advanced process controls deliver consistent results.

Byte makes it simple for administrators to have full control over how and when users can view screens, edit fields, and take actions in the LOS. These controls can be set globally or more precisely for individual profiles and loan statuses.  This granular level of control helps lenders create efficient workflows, increase loan quality, and uphold company compliance standards. 

  • Role-based permissions and access
  • Allow or restrict based on loan status
  • Custom roles and security profiles
  • Apply changes globally or individually
  • Process automation & validation rules ensure accuracy and quality


Make it visual. Make it easy.

When each loan file contains thousands of data points, it’s more important than ever to ensure little details don’t get overlooked. 

Byte’s TRID compliance lights update in real-time to help ensure time-sensitive items get addressed properly, with admin-controlled warning lights to address potential issues before they become compliance problems. 

Advanced features like custom pipeline views make it easy to track what needs attention and what doesn’t with visual alerts in both the pipeline and individual loan screens.

We use the compliance and reporting tools in Byte heavily. The field history is used on every loan and is very helpful. The data Byte captures in the reports and audit log make the various audit requests we get to supply data much easier. They come in very handy for reverse engineering if there is an issue, who changed what and when. Byte is a great strategic partner for us.
David West
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group


Powerful built-in reporting capabilities including NMLS and HMDA

Byte makes it easy to find the information you need quickly, whether for management and compliance reports or specific audit requests. Our craftsman-inspired development is on full display with our native NMLS call reports and built-in HMDA reporting, while validation rules ensure data is collected, compliant, and accurate for submission.


Troubleshoot with complete transparency.

Troubleshooting and change management just got much easier with the comprehensive tools available in Byte. 

Additional Compliance Benefits:

Automate Compliance Timelines

Apply your compliance policies to consent and delivery of electronic disclosures. Byte updates disclosure logs and related timelines automatically on disclosure and delivery events.

Progressive Fee Automation

Generate required disclosures quickly and consistently with Byte’s automated fee estimates.

Comprehensive Processing Log

Having all processing activities centralized with streamlined ordering and conditions can help ensure loan quality and process compliance.

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