Look under the hood and see the Byte difference.

While many systems hide behind flashy interfaces and marketing buzzwords, Byte’s craftsman-inspired development delivers superior system integrity with the freedom to configure the system in-house, so you can meet the evolving needs of your business. 

We host or you host.
It’s totally up to you.

Byte offers the same powerful LOS solution in two different hosting options. 

BytePro Online: Cloud-Hosted

Enjoy the convenience and security features of our cloud-hosted platform, including automated updates and one-click installations. 

BytePro Enterprise: Self-Hosted

Maintain full control of the application and data with our self-hosted option, installed locally on your own network.

So many ways to make your teams happy.

Open a whole new world with custom screens, fields, and documents.

Whether you’re looking to match the vision of your operations team or satisfy requests from production, you’ll have a whole new world of options at your fingertips with unlimited custom screens, custom fields, and custom documents in Byte.


Built-in and API integrations let you work with the vendors you want.

Hit the ground running with Byte’s built-in integrations or use our REST API framework to work with a large scope of vendors and service providers. 

Import and Export Efficiency

Byte comes out-of-the-box with the ability to import/export various industry formats, or even create your own import/export templates.

Multi-User Editing

Byte seamlessly combines the efficiency of multi-user editing with advanced process controls to maintain loan integrity and quality.

Access Byte on the Go

Easily access and collect information on the fly with Byte’s built-in consumer portal and loan officer web portal. No integration required.

Move from project specs to full execution quickly.

Byte’s macro-based automation and validation rules empower IT staff and LOS administrators, affording the ability to quickly customize workflows with in-house teams. The flexibility baked in to Byte’s automation tools offer countless use cases for lenders to quickly turn their operational process goals into reality.

We really take advantage of the high level of customization Byte offers. We use the infinite custom fields to create any data points we want and macros for lots of automations. Validation rules are a big thing for us to create efficiency and as few human touches as possible. We can do a lot in our quest to create a true digital mortgage process because of Byte's open platform architecture.
Ashwin Dayal
Loan Monkey

Easy to use and administrate

We take great pride in giving our clients the freedom to do business the way they want, but that doesn’t mean it takes an army to do it. With our craftsman-inspired mentality, we take the time to find the simplest ways to solve complex problems. 

System defaults, security profiles, and object permissions work together seamlessly to provide an incredible amount of granular controls. Byte offers a world of advanced customizations and scalability for larger companies with robust IT demands, but also has a flexible architecture that makes managing it with a smaller admin team easier than you ever thought possible. 


We make mortgage lending easier with more than just our technology.

Having an LOS that gives you the freedom to do business the way you want, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  We help you get the most out of your LOS with expert-guided implementations, professional services, US-based technical support, and 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge in our Byte Community. 

Troubleshoot with complete transparency

Troubleshooting and change management just got easier with the unmatched transparency available in Byte. 

Simple, efficient compliance solutions

You have enough to worry about. From prominent TRID compliance lights to NMLS and HMDA reporting, the compliance tools and reporting built into Byte make life easier for everyone involved in your operation.

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Do business the way you want.

Find your freedom with Byte.

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