Automation tailored to fit your specific needs.

Byte automation not only helps lenders create efficiency and loan quality, but also gives them the freedom to create, customize, and manage automation rules with their in-house teams.

Create speed and efficiency with Macro-based Automation

Byte’s macro-based automation gives lenders the ability to create powerful workflow automation in-house, with incredible flexibility to fit specific business needs. Lenders can create simple macros to help reduce manual tasks or more complex formulas to automate fee calculations or further streamline closing processes.

There are countless ways clients can streamline their workflows with Byte’s macro-based automation including: 

Effective Task Management

Specifically designed to be flexible, task management in Byte can be as simple or comprehensive as needed to fit your process. Byte tasks can also be integrated with macros and validation rules to create additional efficiency by automating task assignment or completion. 

Out of the box, Byte includes several task templates that can be utilized along with built-in rules to automate many commonly used manual processes, such as needed items lists and tasks to review appraisals. 

Byte’s dynamic UI increases task efficiency with visual alerts and quick access views that allow for task completion without opening a full loan file. 

Ensure accuracy and quality with Validation Rules

Byte’s validation rules provide advanced controls over workflow processes and data accuracy so you can consistently deliver high quality loans on time, every time. The ability to have automated rule checkpoints throughout your process not only assures data is collected, but that it is compliant with your policies and validated for submission. 

Validation rules can be easily created and implemented by your in-house team, so you aren’t stuck with inflexible rules created for the masses that don’t fit your specific business needs. 

Learn more about Byte’s built-in and API integrations. 

We put a lot of handoffs in the system and validations to verify it gets from A to B cleanly, but in a way that doesn't take away from production time. We've seen improvements in production per underwriter, reduced the number of touches per file and consistently get the price the file was committed to because of the loan quality validations help us achieve. We love that we can do business the way we want to and not how an LOS tells us we have to.
Mark Schlukebier
Summit Mortgage Corporation

Professional Services & Support

We understand that sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to take your process to the next level. Our Professional Services team is comprised of skilled Byte administrators with a passion for helping you resolve your most complex workflow challenges. Whether you’re looking for best practices or help with more advanced customizations, our team is here to help you get the most out of your Byte configuration options.

In addition to Professional Services, our US-based technical support team, comprehensive user and administrator guides, as well as our Byte Community offer a wealth of knowledge and help to ensure you get the answers you need quickly.

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