Powerful Customizations. Endless Possibilities.

Sometimes, you just need the freedom to be a little more…you. Make your ideal process come to life with the advanced customization options available in BytePro. 

Powerful Customizations. Endless Possibilities.

Sometimes, you just need the freedom to be a little more…you. Make your ideal process come to life with the advanced customization options available in BytePro. 

Custom Screens & Fields

Make your LOS match your creative vision with unlimited custom screens. Design unique user experiences and workflows based on roles or even branch preferences. Create just about anything, from custom home screens that mirror your preferred process to new screens with data populated from third party sources. 

With unlimited custom fields, you have the freedom to collect, trigger, and report on data that is important to your specific workflow. Design specific calculations, trigger workflows, store additional data from third parties, or use as part of a custom document or screen. 

Custom Documents

Create a truly personalized experience with unlimited custom documents. Need a unique closing document with data from the loan file? No problem. Don’t like the wording on the stock appraisal waiver? Easily create your own. 

The UI is incredibly user friendly. Super intuitive. Being able to customize screens, fields, write rules or macros, and make things visible to whomever needs it makes it easy for new employees to jump right in. We use custom roles and custom statuses which is huge for our correspondent channel. I don't like to wait for third parties so for us to be able to do this on our own is huge.
Jesse Lopez
Mortgage Solutions Financial

A User Experience Designed Just For You.

Custom Pipeline Views

Power up your workflows by delivering the most relevant data to the right person at the right time with visual alerts and countless configurations. Easily track lock expirations, needed items, tasks, and countless other data points based on the user’s role or access rights. 

A clean workspace is an efficient workspace. 

Show or hide screens to design a clean yet powerful user experience for your teams. Speed up workflows and reduce errors by controlling what fields and screens users can access or edit based on role, loan status, or many other filters. 

Personalized user experience

Create a truly personal experience with Byte Favorites, which can be configured at the individual user level to further refine their UI based on their own unique preferences, including a customized navigation menu and quick “jump buttons” for commonly used screens. 

Take control. Work happier.

Byte makes it simple for administrators to have full control over how and when users can view screens, edit fields, and take actions in the LOS. These controls can be set globally or more precisely for individual profiles and loan statuses.

Custom Roles and Profiles

Every lender has different roles or titles. Many vary even between branches at the same company. In Byte, having the ability to easily create custom roles and profiles gives you the freedom to further customize your workflow and data access rules to fit your specific needs.

Additional Configuration Options

We told you there were endless possibilities.

Full Transparency And Data Governance Control

Easily track and troubleshoot loan changes with field history, comprehensive audit & underwriting logs, and lock history.

Cloud-Hosted & Self-Hosted Options Available

Enjoy the convenience and security features of a Byte-hosted database or the independence of a self-hosted database.

Multi-User Editing

Byte seamlessly combines the efficiency of multi-user editing with advanced process controls to maintain loan integrity and quality.

Consumer Portal (POS) on a single database

For customers looking to expand their front-end borrower experience without the need for an integration, Byte’s consumer portal is the perfect fit. Easily deploy the mobile-friendly portal on your existing website or send loan officer specific links via email with minimal set up required. 


Cloud-based portal for multi-channel and TPO clients

TPO clients have everything they need for their loan officers to upload applications, pull credit, run AUS, manage locks, and access/upload docs. As an extension of Byte, the Web Portal offers real-time data access when you’re on the go without the need to configure an integration.

Professional Services & Support

We understand that sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to take your process to the next level. Our Professional Services team is comprised of skilled Byte administrators with a passion for helping you resolve your most complex workflow challenges. Whether you’re looking for best practices or help with more advanced customizations, our team is here to help you get the most out of your Byte configuration options.

In addition to Professional Services, our US-based technical support team, comprehensive user and administrator guides, as well as our Byte Community offer a wealth of knowledge and help to ensure you get the answers you need quickly.

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