Byte and Mortech Release LO Facing Historical Pricing within Integration

November 8, 2021

We recently added a new enhancement to our existing integration with Byte Software’s BytePro loan origination system. Loan officers using our pricing engine via the BytePro interface now have access to enable the Archived Rate Search button on the Pricing and Lock Screen, allowing them to do an Archived Rate Search for repricing. This allows loan officers to make changes to the loan amount, occupancy, and other pricing-specific fields. 

We are excited to provide our customers with this new feature that allows for a more streamlined loan origination process and increased workflow efficiency by enabling direct access to historical pricing instead of requesting this information from their secondary desk.

The BytePro LOS platform delivers powerful, multi-channel workflow solutions that give mortgage lenders freedom to do business the way they want. The integration with Mortech illustrates how Byte continually adds value for customers by leveraging best-in-class service providers according to Mark Todd, National Sales Manager for Byte Software. “At Byte, we’re constantly exploring new technologies that will give our customers a competitive edge, whether developed in house or through integrated third parties. Mortech’s LO Historical feature represents an ‘easy-button’ opportunity for our mutual clients to realize additional efficiencies in their secondary marketing operations.”

We officially integrated our pricing engine with Byte in 2016, providing mutual customers access to mortgage product and eligibility information from our product and pricing engine within the BytePro platform. This allows loan officers to compare pricing scenarios from over 400 supported investors and provides them with a more automated secondary desk workflow by eliminating the need to manually re-enter data. 

If you are interested in learning more about the integration and the benefits it can bring to your business, reach out to our sales team at to discuss more. 

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