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Custom Pipeline View Workflows

Today we’re going to show you how to use Byte’s custom pipeline views to create highly efficient LOS workflows that are specific to each role within in your organization. As you’ll see over the next few minutes, Byte makes it super easy for your teams to quickly identify and address any time-sensitive items and then manage the rest of their day in an incredibly organized fashion.

To start, we’ll look at some sample pipeline views as part of our recommended Loan Officer workflow and then touch on some examples for other roles later in the video. As you’ll see, the possibilities for pipeline views are almost endless.

Each pipeline view uses a detailed set of filters, created as a report, to dynamically include or exclude individual loans from a specific pipeline view. We’re starting with the standard pipeline view which shows all loans in all statuses, including leads, cancelled or denied, and funded loans. You can sort pipeline views by any column depending on what you’re currently working on.

Many pipeline views include color-coded visual alerts that call attention to time-sensitive items, such as loans closing soon, expiring locks, credit reports or pending needed items. We’re recording this close to the end of the month so we have several loans with indicators. The column the alert is in corresponds to the role it applies to or specific situation, for example, an expired lock.

You can open the loan from here, or use the quick info screen if you just need to make a quick update without opening the entire loan. This is a great way to ensure items get completed on time and don’t cause delays to closings.

The Loan Officer Active pipeline view is designed to only show active loans, so any funded, cancelled, denied, closed or shipped loans automatically disappear from this view. Since I’m logged in as an administrator, I can see loans assigned to all my loan officers, much like a branch or production manager would. Roles that handle multiple loan officers such as processors or loan officer assistants can also see loans for the loan officers that are assigned to them. However, it’s really easy to add filters to show loans for just one individual.

Byte’s organizational structure and object permissions offer incredible flexibility to filter loans based on specific roles automatically as well. For example, loan officers can only see loans assigned to them, looking something more like this.

It’s also incredibly easy to change the filters of a pipeline view, assuming you have the permissions to do so. Let’s say we don’t want to show leads as part of our active pipeline view. Simply click on reports, find the active pipeline report and click edit. Then open the status filter and uncheck lead. Now your active pipeline view does not include leads.

As we move across the pipeline views, you can see each view dynamically displays the loan data specific to the use case for that particular view, with loans moving in and out of the view as the loan parameters change. For example, this view is designed to only show leads that have a specific follow up date, so an originator can quickly scan to see if there are any leads that require follow up today.

The Loan Officer Needed Items view provides a highly organized and efficient way for originators to keep track of any items that may have been assigned to them by their processor or underwriter. Again, the quick info screen provides a fast way to update completed items in the processing log, or address an alert tied to the loan.

Originators can quickly see any locks that are expiring in the next 7 days or less, making it easy to keep track of any extensions that may be needed. As we mentioned before, color coded visual alerts call attention to loans that need immediate attention.

Finally, the Scheduled Closings view pulls all the loans with scheduled closing dates into one place so your originators always have a good pulse on upcoming closings and signing appointments.
Working across the pipeline view tabs make it easy and highly efficient for your teams to keep track of all the moving parts associated with your loans as they move from origination to closing.

Pipeline views can be as simple or complex as you want. Here are some examples of processor-specific pipeline views, as well as underwriter and closer views. Branch or regional managers can use pipeline views to effectively track all the loans in their area, across a variety of statuses and situations. Administrators or executives can use pipeline views to track additional items such as eSign envelope counts.

We cover how to create and implement custom pipeline views for your organization in a separate video. To learn more about the many ways Byte helps lenders run more efficiently, request a demo or a free 30-day trial at Have a great day!

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