Superior LOS flexibility and efficiency at a time when you need it most.

Total process control and operational efficiency don’t have to cost a fortune. The Byte LOS platform is powerful and flexible enough to satisfy even the most demanding lenders.

See why savvy, independent thinking lenders love using the Byte LOS platform.


Automation and rule-based workflows create efficiency and consistency.

Whether you’re a COO managing thousands of users or an entrepreneur starting with nothing but an uncompromising vision for your business, Byte provides a superior level of customization that allows you to work the way you want.

Byte customers love the freedom they have to design and manage customized workflows in-house, using our macro-based automation and validation rules. Our robust administrator controls and intuitive UI provides countless ways to personalize your LOS to fit your specific needs. 

Out-of-the-box power
for outside the box thinkers.

Byte delivers robust LOS functionality right out of the box which can be easily configured with the resources in our Byte Community. When combined with our expert implementation team, mortgage lenders can streamline their on-boarding and level up their advanced configurations even more.

Built-in and API integrations let you work with the vendors you want.

Byte’s native integrations combined with a flexible API toolkit allow you to connect with  popular industry vendors out-of-the-box, or create custom integrations with additional vendors and applications.

"We looked at every LOS before deciding on Byte. It was the most flexible, adaptable, and easiest for our sales people to use. It gave us the best of both worlds with a good foundation using pre-built macros, best practices, and customizations. But then we could build on that using the customization tools, API, and business rules to make our processes the way we wanted to do it. It's been a phenomenal experience."
Erin Dee

Operations teams love how Byte gives them the freedom to do business the way they want with:

Full Transparency And Data Governance Control

Easily track and troubleshoot loan changes with field history, comprehensive audit & underwriting logs, and lock history.

Cloud-Hosted & Self-Hosted Options Available

Enjoy the convenience and security features of a Byte-hosted database or the independence of a self-hosted database.

Progressive Fee Automation

Generate required disclosures quickly and consistently with Byte’s automated fee estimates.

Intuitive & Customizable User Interface

Bring your workflow vision to life with custom pipeline views, dynamic visual alerts, and custom navigation.

Unlimited Custom Screens and Fields

Take your workflow efficiency to a new level with custom screens and custom fields that let you work the way you want.

Flexible Pricing Options Scale With You

Enjoy the freedom from long-term contracts with Byte's flexible user-based pricing structure and options to only pay for what you need.

Curious why Byte has so many happy clients? Request a demo and see for yourself. 

Improve collaboration and speed with Multi-User Editing

Byte seamlessly combines the efficiency of multi-user editing with advanced process controls to maintain loan integrity and quality. For example, lenders can easily make loan fields such as the borrower’s income read-only for loan officers and processors while the loan is in underwriting status, but still allow those users to make appropriate edits such as generating disclosures or re-disclosure.

Built-in compliance solutions that drive efficiency.

You have enough to worry about. Your LOS compliance tools shouldn’t be one of them. From prominent TRID compliance lights to NMLS and HMDA reporting, the compliance tools and reporting built in to Byte make life easier for everyone involved in your operation.


We make mortgage lending easier with more than just our technology.

Having an LOS that gives you the freedom to do business the way you want, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  We help you get the most out of your LOS with expert-guided implementations, professional services, US-based technical support, and 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge in our Byte Community. 

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Do business the way you want.

Find your freedom with Byte.

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